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Johan Rijpma

Johan Rijpma’s approach to his subject is controlled and systematic. A subject plucked from everyday life. He wants to reveal the unforeseeable.

Rijpma reflects on his own presumed control with a combination of video and animation. He shows us the outer limits of what is potentially predictable and comprehensible.

A new, never previously shown work can be seen at UtrechtDownUnder: Elastic Recurrence. Initially, the title refers to the process of the recurrent falling and bouncing – by means of elastic wires – of the shards of a crashing plate. In this work, the moment right after the bounce – the dead center – becomes the starting point of a new cycle. Powered by gravity, this process continues in an unpredictable way and in all directions. This work playfully refers to Eternal Recurrence and other scientific theories, like the Big Bounce and string theory.



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