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Anna van Suchtelen

Text and narrative play a crucial role in the work of Anna van Suchtelen. Her installations, audio, film, graphics and publications are often context related and interactive.

Her approach towards time, memory and the senses is an investigative one. The camera, the microphone and the pen are her research tools in her recent work, and she uses them to dig up subjects like a true archaeologist.

The work at UtrechtDownUnder deals with the passage of time.

0º is a cinematic triptych about transience and transformation. Source of investigation: a former fishmonger. One detail was distilled: the ice on which the fish was lying. Freezing is temporary and thawing effectively ends preservability so the words evaporate before you could read them.

The film < > deals with our position on the timeline. Is the future in front of us and the past behind us? Or is it the other way around, as the Aymara-Indians believe it to be? The soap bubbles find their own way: before you know it, they are gone.



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