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  • In Short
  • Installation art
  • Multi-media

Anke van den Borne

deformation and inevitable traces

The work of Anke van den Borne is born out of a deep fascination with the human psyche. What makes us into who we are? How do experiences, memories and context affect our behaviour, our thoughts and feelings? And what mechanisms, patterns and voices do we develop in response, visibly or under the surface?
Van der Borne’s research often starts from found and available material, an act or a recollection. Her work forms itself associatively with material and tactility, finally into sculpture, film or installation.
She gathers fragments, that appear to be randomly placed together, more aimed at
provoking questions than providing answers. Letting forms take shape, focusing on the process, not knowing the outcome, are part of her work.

Eerste Positie shows a pile of sand slowly falling apart on a white sheet. Erosion leads towards change, again and again, but the cloth cannot be wiped clean. Human development entails deformation and leaves behind inevitable traces.


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