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Annabelle Binnerts

experience places

At the heart of Annabelle Binnerts’ artwork is language, both as subject and as material. Much of her works contain words and sentences, some written by herself, some by others. Annabelle uses and combines a variety of media: drawing, sculpture, video and performances. She is specifically interested in the way we use language to describe places or spaces. How, for example, we ascribe words to every place and phenomenon on earth (and list them in maps and atlases), but also how we can experience places just by reading about them in a book or a story.

Besides this, Annabelle is interested in what it means to work with text within the visual context of the exhibition space: in the differences between the role of the reader and the role of the viewer, and what exactly happens when you detach a sentence from its page and paste it on a wall.



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