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Bart Lunenburg

A Building’s Memory

In his work, Bart Lunenburg researches architecture and urban planning and approaches these themes from a wide variety of media: photographic series, sculptures and scale models, video works and drawings, that often come together in installations. He is fascinated by the ideologies behind the designs of architectural spaces around us; for example, the modernist idea that daylight and space are basic necessities for human well-being and happiness. Windows, walls, and façades are a recurring motif in Lunenburg’s work.

In his practice over the past few years, he has focused on the function and role of ‘the window’ in our daily environment and as a motive in the history of art and architecture. In his more recent and ongoing project A Building’s Memory, Lunenburg is investigating the way that architecture is being built-up and how it will eventually wear off again. Herein he tries to give a form to the memory of buildings and studies to the architectural history of the sites he works and exhibits in.

Scale models play a central role in his work. Building scale models is a way to literally get a grip on buildings that yet have to be realized, but also a way to bring back buildings or architectural fragments from the past.





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