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Carien Vugts

a dreamlike and motionless, coagulated world

In Carien Vugts’ drawings familiar reality is replaced by a dreamlike and motionless, coagulated world. In this new universe nature, architecture, everyday objects, sculptures and an occasional animal change into enigmatic symbols that come to life and thus generate their own powers. It is about the unravelling of the mystery of our everyday environment. Sometimes our imagination draws conclusions from seemingly ordinary situations we experience in our daily life.

Not-knowing and doubt are the starting points for the depiction of these new possibilities. Intuition and coincidencepredominate. The drawings are not realistic, they are not correct and there are no laws regarding the use of perspective.
Things or events that never go together in real life now display an inner coherence with their own logic.  True or false is irrelevant. Perhaps in order to imagine the impossible. An air of light surrealism. It is an obvious attempt at controlling our(bizarre) world. Creating an environment you long to enter and never leave.

It is a universe you do not yet know, but which appeals to certain feelings. Apart from the fact that they are landscapes in which Vugts herself would like to dwell, it might very well be possible that she herself is the landscape.


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