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The Critic

reflection on power dynamics, history and fact/fiction

The Critic works with text as an instrument for reflection on power dynamics, history and fact/fiction. Through sculptures, texts and installations, The Critic reflects on language and its use, as a carrier of both symbolic and physical meaning. In this, the uses of theatrical opera singing, critical writing and minimalist minimalism come together.

For UtrechtDownUnder, The Critic presents an installation combined with singing performances. In this, a research into making text physical and sculptural is central. A minimalist approach to space on the one hand, and a bombastic on the other creates a conflict area in which text and meaning are playing a game. In the context of the old library, this game becomes urgent by confusing and reinterpreting distorted collections of words, interpretations and histories.

Performers:  Thyrza Band, Jasper Eenhoorn, Caz Egelie and Jesse Strikwerda



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