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Cecilia Rebergen

The ancient, still untranslated language ‘Linear A’ lies at the basis of the patterns created by Cecilia Rebergen.

Man wants to understand everything, ‘read’ something into everything. This clashes with its impossibility. The ‘Indiana Jones feeling’ it evokes is fascinating, unsolvable and mysterious.

Cecilia wants to imbue painting with meaning, without dwelling in banality; a pattern which can be read would only distract from its true essence. Refinement, precision and abstraction are what remain.

Cecilia is fully aware of the fact that the architecture of a space and the perception of an artwork go hand in hand. The method of presentation is the mediator between sculpture and architecture, especially in a challenging room like a wharf cellar. Her sculptures are presented in wooden mediators. She makes her art on the spot and lets it evolve in the surrounding space.



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