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Cecilia Rebergen

breaking through systems gives way to new patterns and insights

The painting of script is a study of rules, linearity and systematics. What is the difference between random scribbles of fantasy and a message that needs to be understood? This question brought Cecilia Rebergen from the history of (untranslated) scripts to regularity, limited form-variation, systematics and repetition. Due to the absence of meaning or translation, Rebergen focuses her study on form and systematics using fixed methods.

Breaking through systems gives way to new patterns and insights. The importance of breaking through (self-imposed) dogmas applies not only to the artistic process, but to the personal and communal level as well. In her play, Rebergen allocates a substantial role to the properties of the material. The only way to be free in this process is to accept all risks that deforming (and possible destructive) actions imply. The writing that Rebergen paints with extraordinary care and concentration do not hold her back. The right flow in this showdown greatly affects the quality of the result.



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