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Chantal Breukers

the incarnation of Jesus Christ

Chantal Breukers is always searching for images from art history to test her thoughts. Since her stay in Antwerp last year, the historical representation of the figure of Christ also caught her attention. Breukers sought after the incarnation of Jesus Christ, an intriguing figure, just as annoying as provocatively sensual. He used to be a source of inspiration for western art but has since become a taboo. It is as if he is not supposed to become human; the more he is portrayed, from Renaissance times, as a sensual figure of flesh and blood, the more resistance there seems to the be against the (sometimes kitschy) glorification thereof. The more stylized image from the Middle Ages Is much more accepted.

And right in the middle we find the dead Christ of Mantegna, on his back with his head to one side, mourned by his mother. In its time the image immediately evoked fierce protest for being too human. Mantegna is trying to get the body in perspective from a low point of view. The ‘Perspective’ that Chantal Breukers is looking for in her drawing has a more mental nature; she has investigated how the, to her, most living man of the moment can give clarify the relationship between present and past, between life and death, and whether an everlasting resurrection is conceivable.


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