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  • Installation art
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Cindy Bakker

transformation of small everyday experiences into installations

The street is filled with objects. They have certain functions but appear before our eyes in shapes and colours. We see a constant repetition of these objects, that seem to have an undisputed place in the world. Green waste bins along the highway, scaffoldings at construction sites and red and white striped poles that tell us that we are not allowed to go there, are objects that deliver a certain experience in daily life. Cindy Bakker enlarges these small everyday experiences into an installation where the experiences are magnified. She copies and pastes what she sees around her on the streets and creates art objects that show us how to relate to the outside world in a different way.

Cindy Bakker is fascinated by our collective interpretations of objects, things, shapes and colours. Using a wide range of media, like painting, sculpture and installation, Bakker creates things that stand out in the generic mass of visual information.

‘A specific site’ is an attempt to understand construction sites in relation to space. How does a scaffolding cloth respond outside the context of the urban everyday life where it finds itself normally? This site-specific work creates an aerial atmosphere and becomes a specific thing by itself, -where materiality, scale and colour become even more visible. As if the site sounds are muted, and the object is silently present in a room.



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