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Elise ’t Hart

rustling, shuffling, coughing and browsing

Due to a great fascination for everyday sounds, Elise ‘t Hart founded the Institute for Domestic Sound during her final year at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. The institute was the start of a large collection and documentation of a wide range of sounds that can be found at home. Elise documents the sounds by making audio recordings and describing the sounds. Through installations, files, presentations, podcasts and publications, she systematically maps out her results and visualizes the identified data.

The experience of homely and ambient sounds always predominates her work, as in this new installation. The former library of Utrecht was a space to read and borrow books, to study, concentrate, do research be quiet. It is a space that people like to visit especially because of the silence. What makes this silence so special?

During her research, Elise found hours, days, weeks of online recordings from libraries around the world. There is rustling, shuffling, coughing and browsing from South Korea to Sweden, from English campuses to the New York Library. There appears to be a huge desire for these sounds, especially since everyone is housebound: “I miss being able to work at the library. So many distractions at home”, “this is perfect especially now we are all stuck at home. I really miss my school’s library“.

Library is an installation that showcases the research and refills the void in the space with its silent sounds.


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