Third floor 2

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  • Multi-media
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  • Photography

Ienke Kastelein

together with others, discover a method to observe the world

The art of Ienke Kastelein is rooted in early experiences in theatre, creative drama,
‘Xoelapepel’ and sensitivity training, experimental filmmaking, music and performance.
After studying French in Avignon, the city of theater, and Art History at Utrecht University Ienke discovered photography.

Next to being a spectator a photographer is essentially a wanderer, a flaneur in the footsteps of Baudelaire- an inconspicuous observer of city life. Through images he is layering the city, like the Situationists, who uncovered the beach beneath the pavement. In the eye of the photographer the world becomes a stage, the public space scenographic, and the wanderer a performer.
Ienke Kastelein starts from the principles of the social sculpture to, together with others, discover a method to observe the world.

Walk as a Performance: WORD CLOUD palace of memory

In addition to the work on the third floor at ‘Researchers & Inventors’, the work ‘Walk as a Performance’ can be booked during UtrechtDownUnder. Especially for UtrechtDownUnder, Ienke Kastelein has developed a performative walk. Due to corona, exclusive and for max. 3 people.

For more information and registration click here: Walk as Performance



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