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  • Installation art
  • Multi-media

Janneke Kornet

forgotten stories and unknown facts

The art projects of Janneke Kornet are researches into human life. She links our past to the present and thus provides insight into the way we do things. The projects are often site-specific. Janneke is a storyteller with an interest in history. She collects forgotten stories and unknown facts that appeal to the imagination from numerous locations and times. Through her work she shares these amazing stories with the public, discussing universal and social themes such as eating, living and religion.

All Janneke’s art projects contain a collection, for example: a collection of wartime breads, abandoned houses or medication.
Monumentality is important in Janneke’s work, either expressed in the physical form or in the idea. The concept comes first, and then she searches for the form and material which will tell the story best. This often results in mixed-media installations with a certain sobriety and order. With great precision Janneke examines how things are made in order to imitate them in detail in her projects, using traditional manufacturing processes.


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