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Jasper Hagenaar

memories, dreams and the passing of time

Most of Jasper Hagenaar’s small scale paintings are based on (fragments of) memories, sometimes very literal, sometimes more subtle. It is important that ́the act of looking back is embedded in the works, to give them a certain melancholy. This effect is emphasized by his predominant use of a palette of muted colours, resembling memories that turn grey or fading photos. Another source of inspiration are the dreams he had or could have had growing up. It is a form of escapism rather than romanticism. Finally, time, or rather the passing of time, is an important subject in his paintings.

Lately, Jasper has switched to larger canvasses and his focus has shifted more toward form itself. He zooms in on a subject and suggests that something is happening outside the framed image. The painting itself feels like a concentrate. The atmosphere or mood of the painting is becoming more and more important, up to becoming the actual subject.



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