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Jessica Skowroneck

Jessica Skowroneck: ‘Working as a painter can verge on insanity at those moments I lose track of what I am doing. When my mind gives way to what arises right in front of me, when danger is lurking and I enter into an already lost battle with the unknown’.

It is these challenging moments, though – in which the alchemy works its magic on the panel – she is aiming for.

She uses the concept of nature freely. Her sources: sensations and elements she finds in nature, the human body, states of mind and instincts. Both the raw and coarse aspects of nature, as well as the sensual and intimate ones, surface in her work.

It is an interesting challenge to Jessica to show her work in this location.

The weathered cobblestone floor of the wharf cellar, the vaulted ceiling; an ancient segment of the city interacts with her paintings.



To be seen at the following location