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Koštana Banović

meet ‘the other’ with ample room for opacity and acknowledgement of differences

Koštana Banović practices various disciplines and media such as drawing, performance, video and film. Her work investigates the construction of identity, formed in relation to ‘the other’, especially in social dynamics that involve rituals and religious practices. The notion of ritual is a recurring element in her work, as choreography, as embedded history and practice which activates materials, objects and aesthetics, and blurs boundaries. Spending time in different communities, researching and traveling are integral to her artistic practice. She positions herself critically in relation to traditional ethnographic research methods and strives to find a way to meet ‘the other’ with ample room for opacity and acknowledgement of differences.

Containing the Sacred shows humans relating to ‘expressive earth’ and meditates on the aesthetic practices of the ecological relationship between humankind and nature. The video emphasizes the vital role of indigenous and/or local people in the preservation of their landscapes and their ritualized interconnectedness with the landscape.

The ritual in the forest of Saint Roch (Milagre de São Roque, Brazil) concerns a pilgrimage to a steep rock formation where water seeps perpetually, even in the dry season. On the way believers pick banana leaves which they use to collect drops of water and fill plastic bottles. This water will protect them from evil. Banović shot this footage during her stay with a Candomblé community for her long lasting research (ongoing since 2007) within this Afro-Brazilian religion.







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