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Lou Vos

playing with the material, drawing in the paint

The work of Lou Vos is inspired by the infinite grandeur and power and at the same time vulnerability of nature. In her abstract-lyrical paintings, works on paper and ceramics, fragments from nature, details and structures, are the starting points for ‘new landscapes’. No literal translation but an investigation and experiment into the relationship between these powerful and vulnerable fine elements.

Lou Vos looks for balance between colour, shape and composition, yet her work does not die in beauty. There is a desired imperfection in something that deserves protection thanks to its derogation. A vulnerability we also find in nature. Lou is mostly fascinated by nature’s play of unpredictability and, at the same time, harmony.

Fragments in the landscape become graphic elements and are freely translated into drawings, etchings, paintings and spatial objects of ceramics and stray wood. Lou experiments and plays with the material, by drawing in the paintings or in the clay, and by looking for the brushstroke in the etching.



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