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Maarten Dekker

work that creates new depths and ways to connect

For artists to understand, ever so slightly, what they are actually doing (and why), it might help to look around and look back. The beginning of the universe may be overstepping it, but looking into predecessors and relatives seems manageable.
Maarten Dekker has a range of predecessors who went before him in the use of sober / abstract imagery and destructive principles, for example Mondriaan and Gustav Metzger, introducing phenomena like iconoclasm and the paradox. Chronology isn’t leading; what seems to connect and create meaning, eludes a fixed moment in time or culture.

For the past ten years, the chair has been the main motive for Maartens work. In recent years, his focus has been on designs by Gerrit Rietveld; in particular the iconic zigzag chair and the ‘red and blue chair’. Besides their interesting forms, the objects bring along some thought-provoking phenomena; they are iconic artworks that were made popular and which are now commercially exploited.
Superficial images of uprooted icons like these are an incentive for making work that creates new depths and ways to connect.



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