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Maria Klaassen-Andrianova

watch the invisible flows of air, listen to unspoken words

Maria was born and raised in Russia, where she developed an intimate relation with the quietness and poetry of vast expanses of nature. According to her, artists voice a certain criticism of the restless buzz common for the accelerated pace of today ‘s urban and digitalized life and seek a counterpart – a quiet world where only here and now is important.

Klaassen-Andrianova invites the viewer to slow down and contemplate the inevitable flow of time by using temporary materials, or, on the contrary, by capturing a moment “frozen in time”. She often adds subtle details revealing the making process as well as hints towards future changes of decay, underlining the transitional state of a work. Drawing on the principle of elimination of the non-essential, she strips the concept to the very base and empowers the potential hidden in the empty space. Clarity and tranquillity form the ground for the profound engagement with the work. She uses a diverse pallet of media – her works vary from installation to performance, from sculpture to intervention in public space. Though different in form, they are consistent in content and support an artistic mindful yet critical gaze on the contemporary world.

This work appeals to a poetical and mysterious side of nature that might be overlooked in a contemporary urban setting. Klaassen-Andrianova seeks to inspire the viewer to flee for a moment from a daily business and just contemplate – watch the invisible flows of air, listen to unspoken words.



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