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  • Installation art
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  • Spatial

Marie-Line Kercret

Ceci n’est pas une fable

Marie-Line Kercret’s conceptual work is inspired by our Western culture and responds to social developments. Her ideas come to her mostly from the place itself, usually in conjunction with the historical context. At first sight the works seem playful and funny. This is also due to the use of materials: small plastic figures, colorful textiles and poppy fencing. But in the second instance, her socially engaged vision stands out. The work asks questions about how to deal with nature, about ethical issues or refers to unsavory historical facts.

In her installation ‘Ceci n’est pas une fable’, the rat as a laboratory animal, is the subject. Due to shortcomings in the legislation, the rat is still used for testing cosmetics, hygiene and maintenance products. Some brands have their products tested by third parties outside the EU in order to market them in the EU as ‘animal testing – free’, so they can be sold here. Ingredients tested on laboratory animals may be used in animal testing – free cosmetics if the animal testing is not specifically performed for cosmetics, but, for example, because another company has had this ingredient tested for use in a medicine or cleaning product.


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