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Maze de Boer

conceptual attractions

Multi-disciplinary artist, Maze de Boer, works with sculpture, installation, painting, film/video, photography and music. His work often springs from the historical background and the social context of the location and the theme of the exhibition. His installations are often referred to as site- specific but De Boer prefers site-responsive. He composes his art works from a conceptual perspective, but the result is always visually appealing, often playful and easy to respond to. Work to be enjoyed by art lovers and strangers alike.
In addition, De Boer likes to interfere with the boundaries between visual arts, architecture and theatre or performance. Visual interpretation often distracts us, we tend to look at visual images and immediately complement them with familiar images we know. In his art works he tries make visitors aware of this often-unconscious habit of filling in the missing details. He strives to create perfect ‘images of illusion’.
Maze de Boer’s art works can be seen as conceptual attractions. The concept is his starting point and the visual (attraction) the result.


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