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Nicole Voorzaat

a grey area between repulsive and attractive

Nicole Voorzaat’s sculptures are a product of the artist’s fascination with obsessive resentment, all things abject and the possibility of a dystopian future.
Why do some objects or situations trigger that resentment so much more than others?
How can a body exist in a dystopian world, a reality that is becoming more true every day?
Do we even have a place in a future world, or will we be reduced to just an anthropomorphic form?
While responses to the abject are mostly culturally determined, the tendency to pull back when confronted with matters related to the human body seems to be shared widely among humans.

Voorzaat’s fleshy sculptures linger in a grey area between repulsive and attractive, researching an alternative shape of the human form. The bodily objects invite you to come closer, to spot a lump or a bruise, to take a good look at an old tattoo. With their ability to provoke some sort of emotion, the sculptures might even help you to peel off some layers of shame and replace them with another state of mind; that of fascination.



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