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  • In Short
  • Installation art
  • Multi-media
  • Spatial

Rachel van Vliet

tissue as a carrier, the passage of time

Rachel van Vliet became an artist to communicate her thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense to her personally. To her, her art is another way to speak.
“Something simple like color or structure can tell a story. I find it very interesting to explore and combine ways of communication, especially when talking about immaterial matters.”

For some time, Rachel has been fascinated by the experience of the passing of time. This has led to several works: from a research into the effect of photos on memories, to the paintings of clouds and tapestries with text woven into them. She tries to create an openness that mirrors the subject: how someone experiences time is fleeting, universal and yet personal. It is a slippery subject that Rachel approaches carefully by surrounding it with symbols for different aspects. The perpetually moving clouds, which allow us to dream away, in which time disappears. The door of a house where she used to live, or the windowsills she passes daily.



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