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raQuel van Haver

energetic dreamscapes

raQuel’s art works are energetic dreamscapes; opening small windows to scenes of quotidian life. Her craft delicately portrays her intimate circle, placing familiar faces in novel surroundings in order to delve into the exploration of global connectivity where migration, cultural history, and habits play a big role in determining the similarities and differences of human existence.
Working mainly on burlap, combining oil paint with coal, paper and beads to inspire heavily textured compositions, raQuel’s works explore color, light, identity, spirituality, urbanism transnationality and draws from the depth of personal encounters within her original community in the diaspora. Her works are often monumental in scale, at times ominous and colorful, they continue to negotiate boundaries between alienation and recognition.
Her latest collection is an investigation of her own past and the depth of feminism submerged in her historical identity.


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