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René Eicke

a compression of space and time

René Eicke takes the art of painting an sich as a starting point for his own paintings. His paintings are as abstract as they are realistic. The meaning is shaped by definition, time, perspective, relationships and circumstances.

In the work process, Eicke is not interested in a linear, logical development from a single point of departure. To him it is about using mental lines in different directions and dimensions. He wonders whether the painting is the space or the place where materialization takes place. The image is shape and body within its frame. But, at the same time, it extends beyond its physical boundaries into other areas and spaces.
The two-dimensional painting works as a compression of space and time. According to Eicke, the painting works as a layout or floor plan, a two-dimensional translation of reality. As such, the painting offers possibilities to jump into other dimensions.



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