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Roland Sohier

The Carnival is Over

Roland Sohier puts a spotlight on ‘the human condition’. He starts from strictly personal emotions and reasons. Later he searches for more a more general validity. The work still holds traces of the process: grubby eraser marks, the cut-out parts in the drawings and the layering of the paintings. The works depict people of flesh and blood but also clowns, goblins or giants.

In Sohier’s Tekeningen die ertoe doen (Drawings that matter) there is no beating about the bush or tiptoeing around the subject. Without striving to be literal, these works are achingly current.
Based on photos of a carnival-wagon-cemetery that he once stumbled upon during a cycling tour through Dutch Flanders, Sohier built an art-installation called The Carnival is Over.
In this ‘hall filling’ artwork at the top of the stairs in the former library, photography meets drawing. All though he made these images several years ago, 2020 appeared the proper year to use them.



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