Sadik Kwaish Alfraji

existentialist works with dark, shadowy figures that speak of human frailty

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji is an Iraqi multi-media artist, photographer, animator, video producer and installation artist noted for producing existentialist works with dark, shadowy figures that speak of human frailty.

The animtionfilm ‘Ali’s Boat’ was inspired by a letter given to the artist from his young nephew in Baghdad – Iraq, wishing that his letter and his drawing of a boat in it, would carry him away from his land to the Netherlands, where his uncle-the artist live. “He had put his dream on a boat not knowing that his humble boat had carried me to him instead of bringing him to me. He didn’t know that his boat was actually my boat that I used to dream of. A boat that I could take to leave my house, my family and my homeland when I was young, eager to escape the misery and explore the world. And it is now the same boat I dream of to carry me back there as a child, embracing the playgrounds of my childhood which spread between the thresholds of our house up to the vast horizons.”

The animation ‘ I am the Hunter, I am the Prey’ seeks to mimic our human experiences within this dialectic. Depictions of the hunt are ancient but they also persist to this day. The work takes the form of visual indexing. The drawings that are reproduced here were inspired by school textbooks, ancient myths, artifacts, fairy tales, Islamic manuscripts, anatomical drawings, cosmologies, signs of the zodiac and the stars. Each tells us something about the hunt.


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