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  • Installation art
  • Multi-media

SETUP i.s.m. Casper de Jong

Sorry Not Sorry

In 2020, we have probably heard “sorry” more than ever before. Almost every other tech company has had to apologize for a large data breach or any other (data-related) scandal. One influencer after another was discredited and broadcast a public apology. The apology video became an actual genre on YouTube and the online cancel culture the newest way to collectively accept or reject said public apologies. SETUP wants to know what is more important: an honest apology or the perfect apology video?

The Sorry Not Sorry Machine trains your ability to apologize in a hectic environment. Don’t fall apart over long silences or stuttering, but also be very ware of wearing your regret too casually!

Since their foundation in 2010, SETUP has worked together with artists and designers to translate the social and ethical implications of new technology into palpable experiences and critical artwork. All of their work is meant to celebrate technology, while at the same time assessing potential (societal) risks. Casper de Jong works as an interactive designer and artist in the field between art and technology. His work usually creates an environment for people to play in and create new things. His aim is to challenge the public to think critically about social and technological developments.



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