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Uli Kürner

walks through the urban spaceconverted into mind maps

Site specific installations of sound and image, extended drawings, performances, walks through urban space: the boundaries between the disciplines become blurred for visual artist / musician Uli Kürner. Where does the artwork end… and the environment begin?

Kürners interventions in exhibition spaces are always based on a study of the concrete context and environment of the exhibition space: the architectural situation, the function of the space and the specific social characteristics. These explorations are often combined with walks and (oral-) performances through the streets in the neighbourhood; the specific acoustics of particular spaces also plays an important role.
Recordings of ambient sounds are transformed into electronic soundscapes, (audio) walks through the urban space are converted into mind maps, diagrams and (spatial) drawings into areas of colour and adhesive tape lines on floors, walls and windows.

In his new sound-image installation for UtrechtDownUnder, the space of the former library will be explored and transformed: the former function of the exhibition building as a place for books plays the leading role.








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