• In Short
  • Installation art
  • Multi-media

Vesuhely Americaan

balance between being blunt and direct without pointing fingers

After experiencing a culture shock when she moved from Curacao to the Netherlands, Vesuhely Americaan, always hungry for knowledge, really wanted to understand what she was going through. Over a number of years, she built up an archive of interviews with people who might relate to this experience. She interviewed colleagues, family members, friends and even strangers, with some kind of perspective on what she was going through. Excerpts of the conversations can be found all over the walls in her installation, as well as quotations from daily life. Doing all these interviews really opened her eyes to all the inherited prejudices and traumas we, the people, carry around. Although the work is based on racism, the text & video installation is really about our society.

The work contains positive and negative quotes from people from all types of backgrounds, either assuming the victim role, questioning, self-hating, or even using offensive terms. With this work Vesuhely searches for a balance between being blunt and direct without pointing fingers. By taking away the audio and only using the text, she allows the viewer to apply their own voice. The work confronts the audience with the reality of the people who shared their story with her.


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