Oudegracht aan de Werf 270

Second hand Design Centre De ARM

Here at second hand store De ARM you’ll find the best selection of furniture and antiques from the Utrecht resale scene.

Discarded goods find a second life here. Located at this cellar is the design section of De ARM. It used to be filled with retro design gems, ready to be discovered. After the exposition, the area will be turned into the restauration workshop of De ARM and the goods will move to the ARM store across this place.

Artists on this location

Joost Elschot

According to Joost Elschot our Western European society is an organized structure in which we…

Paul Klemann

Since 1986, the central theme to Paul Klemann’s drawings has been his nocturnal dreams. He began…

Rabi Koria

With his tile paintings, Rabi Koria explores the boundaries between different cultures. Despite differences, he…