Former Broese Art Forever – Cloud of Artists

Art Forever ( is a digital platform listing filmportraits of artists and their work. The archive now contains about 175 artists and 125 films. From this group a selection has been made of artists whose work can be seen in UtrechtDownUnder. These filmportraits have been brought together in the installation Cloud of Artists.

PP Producties is a business in graphic and audio-visual design. The focus has gradually shifted towards making films. Films for commissioners but also independent productions which find their way to the public in various ways, like ‘De deuren van de Domkerk’ about sculpturer Theo van de Vathorst and ‘Charles Donker De Luis’ on regional channel RTV Utrecht and recently ‘De Burgemeester over het belang van en de liefde voor Kunst’ on channels NPO2 Extra, RTV Utrecht and TV West.

Since 2013, PP Producties has been making filmed portraits of participants in exhibitions for Kunstliefde, galleries and museums.

Artists on this location