Third floor Intervention Centraal Museum -Utrecht Lokaal

At least four times a year, the Centraal Museum shows recent work by Utrecht artists in the special space whose architecture was created by Krijn de Koning.  Utrecht Lokaal is the successor to the program line previously called “new Utrecht” or “Utrecht rooms”. This concerns work recently or sometimes specially made for the exhibition by artists from different generations. What unites them is that they all somehow have a relationship with Utrecht.

In this edition of UtrechtDownUnder, the Centraal Museum presents three painters: Anouk van Zwieten, Joost de Jonge and Julius Stibbe. All three artists seem to refer strongly to twentieth century painting. However, though indebted, they all incorporate their own contemporary perspective. All three Utrecht painters depart from a certain volatility and spontaneity and, at the same time, thoughtfulness. Although they each apply their unique techniques and methods, in their work they all seem to seek that particular balance between intuition and composition in their work.

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