Oudegracht aan de Werf 330

‘Sunte Nyclaes’

This cellar once formed a unit together with that of the neighbors. Most likely, beverages were stored.

In the Golden Age the Utrecht caravaggist Jan van Bijlert (1597-1671) lived here.

The name of the house ‘SUNTE NYCLAES’ is mentioned in a mortgage deed of 1554 and may have been inspired by the occupation of the owner Willem Willemsz; he was a baker. On the signboards, the image of Saint Nicolaas was a favorite theme especially for baking bakers. The name of the house may also be related to the Saint Nicolaas parish, to which the house belongs. The Klaaskerk was dedicated in 1173 to Saint Nicolas, patron saint of the seafarers. The church then stood at a major trading point of Utrecht and had four waterways: the Keulse Vaart, the Vaartse Rijn, the Kromme Rijn and the Tolsteegsingel.


Artists on this location

Eva Spierenburg

Eva Spierenburg collates painted objects, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographic prints and video.