Oudegracht aan de Werf 220A

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The wharf cellar at Oudegracht 220a is an underground cellar located below the street level of the Hamburgerstraat.

It is a remnant of the wed (talus, or slope) which made it possible to transport supplies from the wharf to the street, even before the cellars were ready that gave access to the basements located below the buildings along the canal.

According to this quote, the function of the sloaping wed already became superfluous by 1644:

“The women gauging peat had a ‘chamber’ on the north side of the Abraham Dole Lane. They had to abandon it in 1644 and a room at the former wed at the Hamburger Street was assigned to them”.

(Bruijn, M.W.J. de, Elfduizend maagden, de dode hand, een onderaardse gang en de pest, de vuile woorden van de turfvulsters en nog het een en ander. Typescript, Utrecht, unpublished, 1984. “”Het verblijf van de turfvulsters””, blz. 9-10.)

The wharf cellar has been used as office space since 1990, and today it is used by Goedgevoel editors, Contrastvintage and online store Moduloo.

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