The Wharf cellars

Two consecutive weekends visitors could wander about and discover art in surprising places in the historic cellars. The owners provided their cellars with pride, such a special heritage must be shared.

Some artists were commissioned to make a space-filling installation. For most of them it was a special challenge to show their work in cellars which are being used as workingspaces, shops etc.

Participating artists; Alf Slegers, André Pielage, Bob Negryn, Born Digital, Buba Cvoric Carel Blotkamp Cees Oortwijn, Daan Lievense, Danny Foolen, Dimitar Genchev, Evelien de Goeij, Frank Halmans, Helma van Nuenen, Ienke Kastelein, Iris Frerichs, Isabel Ferrand Isolde Woudstra, Jasper Hagenaar, Jeroen van Loon, Jonas Wijtenburg Joost Mellink Jop Fishermen Vorstenbosch, Rebecca Paaijmans José Lakerveld, Joyce Overheul Menno Hiele, Midas Zwaan, Robbie Cornelissen, Roland Sohier, Rose Zoest, Rozemarijn Westerink, Sandra den Ancients, Tamar Frank, Tanja Smeets and Toes Dalmulder and Wouter van Veldhoven.

Trailer UtrechtDownUnder 2013

Impression UtrechtDownUnder 2013 - construction and exhibition (video ©UDU/Lou Vos)

UtrechtDownUnder 2013 / Photo's ©UDU/Lou Vos - Ienke Kastelein

Alf Slegers

Bob Negryn

Evelien de Goeij

Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch

Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch

André Pielage

Born Digital

Frank Halmans

Sandra den Ouden

Jeroen van Loon

Jeroen van Loon

Midas Zwaan

Roland Sohier, blij met suppoost

Mathieu Klomp

Margriet van Breevoort

Tanja Smeets

Tamar Frank en Robbie Cornelissen

Tamar Frank

Tamar Frank

Cees Oortwijn

Rozemarijn Westerink

Roland Sohier en Jasper Hagenaar

Wouter van Veldhoven

Ienke Kastelein