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UtrechtDownUnder is a roving art platform that pops up once every two years at a special location in the city.It reaches a wide audience with a substantive exhibition, the majority of which is visual art made in Utrecht.
UtrechtDownUnder, a project of Kunstliefde*, wants to bring art to where people can come into contact with visual art for the first time. After all, the threshold of a museum and gallery is high if you have not grown up with visual arts.
This fifth edition, Art on Full Ground, is the most accessible edition ever. The installations, videos, tapestries, paintings and drawings can be found in the green greenhouses, on the parking lot and in the gardens of garden center Steck on the outskirts of Utrecht Overvecht.


Organisation / Kunstliefde

*Kunstliefde, the space for visual arts on the Nobelstraat, offers a platform for art in Utrecht with a changing exhibition program. The focus is on contemporary art, Utrecht-based artists and young makers. Kunstliefde was founded in 1807 with the aim of ‘practicing and encouraging the visual arts and spreading the idea of art’. Today, this translates into organizing exhibitions, discovering and actively supporting new talent, and initiating and organizing projects on location that are meaningful to artists and art lovers.

The project team of Kunstliefde is responsible for external projects such as the Atelierroute Utrecht and UtrechtDownUnder.




Kunstliefde Space for Visual Arts

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Photography website: © Lou Vos (excluded images provided by artists on the artist’s pages,  and images former library, location pages)
Video’s UtrechtDownUnder, former editions: © Lou Vos and Peter Paul van der Houven / PP Producties

Photocredits UtrechtDownUnder 2020 contemporary art in the former library:
Centrale Bibliotheek / Former library: © Studio Airport / ©Lou Vos / ©Luuk Huiskes
Afbeeldingen werk/opbouw op locatie bibliotheek / Images on location: © Studio Airport / © Lou Vos / ©Luuk Huiskes

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