Catalogue UtrechtDownUnder now available online

Seen the exhibition, but not finished yet?
Or missed the exhibition?

Buy the catalogue now with a discount for € 15.00!

A handy book with descriptions of all artists and works per floor and category; the Critical Minds & Idealists, the Matter Seducers, the Still & Slow, the Dreamers & Romantics, the Transformers and the Researchers & Inventors. A beautiful image of contemporary art.

Moreover, beautiful photos of the vacant former Central Library on the Oudegracht.

A nice reference work and reminder of this special art event in an equally special year. Despite corona, the art could be visited and experienced live on a large scale in one of the most beautiful and striking buildings in Utrecht.

UtrechtDownUnder, contemporary art in the old library
200 pages, fullcolour
Design: Studio Airport
Printing and lithography: NPN Drukkers
Publisher: Kunstliefde
Edition: 800

The catalogue is available at: utrechtdownunder at or at Kunstliefde, Nobelstraat 12A, Utrecht.

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Sculptural act Francine Claassen

Due to the lockdown, this live act was performed and filmed on Saturday December 19 and can be viewed online here.

Click here to watch the video

Duration: 3.14 min.
Performer: Lobke van Kommer

About the sculptural act:
A sculpture under construction. Slats keep it in balance. The lower part is modeled.

A bird-like that follows you. A manifesto written on the dress.

Let’s give the unseen and the indomitable a place again
Let’s grunt without moving
Making our frothy mouths crow
Frightened branches, brusquely …

On the board behind her: Folded like a cord

About Francine Claassen
“Not knowing” offers Francine Claassen an opening through which other forms and insights arise. In her latest visual works there is a relationship to language. Own words and texts are combined with texts of others. By cutting and reassembling, expressions are created that represent a certain constitution.

Shapes, colors, different materials and images of parts of the body; Francine Claassen composes her visual work as if she were writing a poem.

Read more about Francine Claassen here.
Her work was on show on the second floor of the Dromers & Romantici.


Schermafbeelding 2020-12-19 om 18.18.39
Live act Francine Claassen - UtrechtDownUder 2020
Schermafbeelding 2020-12-19 om 18.19.07
Live act Francine Claassen - UtrechtDownUder 2020

UtrechtDownUnder closes prematurely due to lockdown

Unfortunately we had to close UtrechtDownUnder prematurely due to covid19 restrictions. We can no longer welcome you in the former library. We are very sorry to have to close this unique exhibition just before the last week. However, we are grateful that we were able to show art on such a large scale in this striking building and in this special and moving year.
We would like to thank everyone who was involved in one way or another, and any visitor who came by or planned to visit UtrechtDownUnder.

Our special thanks go to the Municipality of Utrecht, Ad Hoc Utrecht, the Mondriaan Fund, Fonds 21, the K.F. Hein Fund, the Pictoright Fund, the Van Baaren Foundation, the Provincial Utrecht Society, the Boellaard Fund and the Elise Mathilde Fund for making this exhibition possible.

Kunstliefde wishes everyone a happy end to this year, stay safe and healthy, and keep following us for impressions of the exhibition on this site and on our social media.


Guided tour UtrechtDownUnder – impression

Curator Elaine Vis takes you through the exhibition

Art Forever went on a tour at UtrechtDownUnder in the striking building of the former library on the Oudegracht.

The exhibition is spread over three floors and the basement. Elaine Vis, curator, talks about the concept and the artists. About the Critical Spirits & Idealists, the Material Seducers, the Dreamers & Romantics, the Still & Slow, the Transformers and the Researchers & Inventors.

Watch the video here


Podcast ‘kunst in de oude bieb’

Jeroen Wielaert made a podcast. A playful tour with curator Elaine Vis and a few of the exhibitors: Amerentske Koopman and Luuk Huiskes.


Listen to the podcast here.

An Event, despite Corona, in the middle of the city. Enjoy contemporary art from Utrecht in the old library on the Stadhuisbrug, from the basement to the ridge with the classic stained glass. They had to open a little later because of the virus measures, but, as it turns out, it is quite an experience. It is still possible to visit until December 21, in timeslots on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Curator Elaine Vis: “The reactions are only positive.”

Vis is enthusiastic: “Gallery owners are surprised that nothing has been published yet in the national press about this exhibition. People from Belgium are calling whether their student card is also valid. People also return twice for a visit because they can’t see it all at once and want to see more.

Jeroen Wielaert is known as a radio reporter at the NOS and program maker at other broadcasters. He starts as a podcaster now. For De Nuk he regularly writes about striking Utrecht affairs.