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  • In Short

PJ Roggeband

‘a cry-out garden and talking plants’

Publicist and artist PJ Roggeband usually develops thought-provoking concepts about the role of greenery and green management in public space. With challenging interventions, he puts controversial issues, such as shoestring seeds and salinization, on the map.

In Steck, PJ Roggeband presents PLATTEGROND, a wonderful walk in eleven steps. An expedition driven by the language of plants, ‘the Vollekstaol of the city of Uterech’ and terms such as ecotainment and climate loyalty. Remarkable phenomena such as the crying garden, talking plants, NASA and the memory of a pickle will be reviewed.

In addition to being an ode to the imagination, PJ Roggeband’s contribution is also about making (green) choices and taking the right steps.
The final item is the ‘planting soil as folding garden’. The tours last about 44 minutes and are programmed on the Saturdays and Sundays when there are also lectures.

In the first greenhouse after entering, in the pavilion with a French balcony, you will find PJ Roggeband’s base. It is full of notes and stimulating elaborate ideas.