Side program – Walk as a performance

by Ienke Kastelein

CHAPTER 2, WORDCLOUD palace of memory

WORDCloud is a performative walk in the building of the former Public Library in which you can participate with a few people at the same time *. It takes you along the edges of the exhibition, through the innards of the building to the space of language. Ienke Kastelein is your guide. An exploration of the building as a word machine and palace of memory.

(where the stories wander the books the readers the librarians)
All senses on edge what was / still is / will be
how relate
word to body
book to building
sound to word
image to language
staircase to bookworm

Walk as Performance for UtrechtDownUnder is a “work in progress” in the form of a number of performative walks, an installation and a performance. The project develops in a number of CHAPTERS before, during and after the exhibition.

In Walk as Performance CHAPTER 1, EMPTY SPACE – in the month of September – the spectators filled the space with their sensory presence, memories and reflections.

* in line with the rules regarding CORONA
Up to 3 people at the same time
The walk takes about 30 minutes

November / December

  • Friday    20/27 november  &  4/11/18 december
  • Saturday  21/28 november &  5/19 december
  • Sunday    22 november & 6 december

Time:    3.30 en 4.30 pm

Participation in the walk is in combination with a ticket for the exhibition.
Registration & ticket: send an email with your name, day and time
to: ikastelein [at] planet [dot] nl
You will receive a confirmation by email.