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Iris Honderdos

‘green lodgers from Overvecht’

Iris Honderdos travels around the world, open minded. She walks around, looks around, talks to people and tries to discover what is alive. Her focus is on what touches her.

For UtrechtDownUnder she went to Utrecht Overvecht and worked intensively with a few residents. She interviewed them about the plants with which they have a special bond. Plants that have been with them for a very long time.

In a small greenhouse at Steck the plants ‘stay’ during the exhibition. From an easy chair you can listen to a soundscape in which residents talk about their plants.

Iris Honderdos ‘I have experienced that art can be a special medium in promoting mutual understanding and communication.’ Her work always focuses on a group of people with a common characteristic such as the inhabitants of a village or an institution, employees of a company or students of a school, but it can also be a group with a shared experience such as refugees or war victims.

The process of working is an important part of any project. For her, it is important that the outcome is recognizable to those involved; they must feel seen or recognized.

In most projects she works together with her partner, sound artist Arno Peeters.