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Tyra van Mossevelde

‘we’re all running up against the limits of the world’

In 1993, Tyra van Mossevelde stood in front of the Greenland ice cap as a physical geography student. She was there for research on the outward and inward movement of the ice cap. Now the ice is moving in only one direction. This worries her.


‘We are all running up against the limits of the world. On the one hand we are taking care of this problem together, on the other hand our individual contribution is extremely small, immeasurable, negligible. Yet I can conclude, anything else, that I really need to reduce this extremely small contribution. A personal solution, on a small scale.’

The question of whether she can make it to her retirement as an infographic designer without buying new electric stuff has been on her mind for a few years now. After all, according to the book  The Hidden Impact by Babette Porcelijn, stuff has the biggest impact on our world.

That’s why Tyra is now experimenting with hand-drawn infographics. At least you don’t need a new computer to do this.