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Walter Simon

‘attention to a puddle of rainwater’

On his bicycle, Walter Simon wanders through town and countryside. In his backpack a camera and sometimes a drone.

He scans his surroundings, fascinated by puddles of rainwater, raindrops on car windows, mushrooms or the course of rivers. Years ago, when the drone still seemed like a futuristic fantasy, he tied his camera to a kite and returned to his studio with countless snapshots from which he composed paintings.

He breaks eggs to make paint, saws sheets of birch plywood and set up his tools; glue sticks and wood glue.

Walter Simon does not paint as one usually paints; he ‘builds’ his paintings, in a way. Lines and shapes from the landscape receive extra attention as a result.

Here, among the garden tools at Steck’s, are some smaller works. But at his studio on the edge of the inner city, you can also find larger works. The landscape and the vegetation on it is an inexhaustible source and Walter Simon knows that.