• In Short
  • Installation art

Zeger Reyers

‘an image grows’

Not everyone will immediately recognize the partially green wall at the entrance as art. But walking along it, it is clear that something very crazy is going on here. Nature has conquered territory and is nesting in an interior object that normally blinds the view. Normally blinds keeps the view of nature out. But here winter rye is growing.

Zeger Reyers already attracted attention years ago with his work in which he handed, in a way, our culture over to nature. He created countless works in which the objects around us (chairs, plates, tables) became moldy, overgrown with mushrooms, moss or grass. He gives a place once again to what we have wanted to banish for centuries.

Although Reyers’ work says something about our relationship with nature (excluding, framing, applying), it is clearly also about a new awareness of form.

Few people have seen his work in real life. Indeed, it is difficult to present in museums and galleries. This organic work always produces an unpredictable result atthe end. Zeger creates the conditions in his work and then an image grows out of it.