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Hans van Lunteren

‘nature also chooses its own spots’

Hans van Lunteren is a sculptor and conceptual artist. After studying at the academy in Den Bosch, he trained as a gardener. Since then greenery, trees, shrubs and the landscape line of sight, has been a recurring theme in his projects and spatial assignments.

Last year Hans van Lunteren, together with biologist Jessica van Essen and program maker Hans van Dijk, developed the exhibition Accidental Green; seedlings of the city for the Centraal Museum. Urban greenery consists primarily of landscaped gardens, parks, trees and public gardens. But nature itself chooses places in the city where it can show its own primal strength. Information about this project can be found in the bicycle shed in the parking lot.

Lecture by Hans van Lunteren
Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.
In the series of artist lectures on Sunday afternoons, Hans van Lunteren talks in detail about his projects and art commissions.

As a visual artist, what can you contribute to the development of a residential area if you feel that a sculpture on a pedestal is no longer sufficient? This question underlies the various art-green projects that Hans van Lunteren has realized over the years.

In his lecture he will discuss the creation of Sjanghaipark (1970-present) which can be seen as one of the first projects in the Netherlands in which artists, together with residents, took charge of the design of the living environment as a process in time itself. Sjanghaipark is located north of Steck on the other side of the ring road in the Overvecht district.

Hans also talks about his first seedling project that he realized in the prison in Vught (2005-2012), commissioned by the Government Buildings Agency. And about De Gesloten Tuin, municipality Oosterhout (2006-2008), De Verlaten Tuinen van Geesinkveld, Diepenheim (2017), Het ZaailingenPocketPark (2018-present) and the project Toevallig Groen, seedlings of the city in Utrecht (2021).