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Kevin Bauer

‘forcibly maintain our (cultivated) nature’

‘Considering the age of the earth, we as humans are only here for a fraction of a second,’ notes Kevin Bauer. Located in the parking lot, his temporary installation Just Wave and Smile, mainly consists of recycled materials. Reflecting on the geological and human time scale, the installation juxtaposes the development of the earth with the development of humanity.

He opposes the manner in which earth layers form under incredibly high pressure with human actions that ‘forcibly maintain our (cultivated) nature.’ The everyday, the possible future, the materials, and phenomena of the geological time scale – all of it come together in the installation resulting in a subjective experience of deep time. Felt as incomprehensibly large, the geological deep time connects the experience of our human time dimensions to the infinitely slow-moving ground under our feet and the direction of the slow-changing rivers.

From the title of the work Just Wave and Smile, one might conclude that the development and deformation of the earth and mankind are evident. Man as a species is like a geological force that also shapes the earth at a dizzying speed far into the future. Kevin Bauer investigates these shaping forces, seeking to know what is real and what is artificial.