• In Short
  • Multi-media
  • Photography

Jeroen Kooijmans

‘attract and repel’

In the video Jeroen Kooijmans presents at Steck, you don’t know if the woman and the finger plant are entangled or lovingly entwined. A strange game of attract and repel unfolds. It is like a dance. The music, ’Take this waltz of Leonard Cohen, confirms that assumption. The audience can dance along with headphones in the silent disco in the video room.

Jeroen’s films and video installations have a crystal clear and poetic visual language. Current events and everyday life are interwoven with the mythical world of paintings, fairy tales and feature films. Recurring themes are the flow and cycle of time, utopia and religion. In his films, people are disguised as abstract, symbolic beings moving in a prominent and meaningful landscape: lakes, forests, the sea, meadows.

The fundamental character of Kooijmans’ work is optimistic, but the darker side of life is not ignored.