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Tanja Smeets

‘beauty and danger of growing organisms’

Inside the oasis of the chamber greenhouse, Tanja Smeets has installed a glistening stainless steel plant among the greenery. Bold and organic side by side. Her growth, created from industrial residual material, proliferates among the surrounding Ficus, Asparagus sprengeris and Palms.

Tanja Smeets is concerned with organic growth processes. In museums and in public spaces her work enters into an exciting dialogue with the architecture of the surroundings.

The installations often seem frozen in time, in a phase between flowing and dripping, growing and budding. Like parasites, they lay a poetic layer of organic forms over the hard surface.

She works with residual materials left over from industry. But also with materials from everyday life that are used in large quantities and different sizes play an important role in her constructions. This abundance of materials raises questions about our consumption.

The tension that arises between the obvious amount of produced materials in our world on the one hand and the imminent danger of a growing organism on the other, plays an important role in her work.