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Francine Claassen

‘blowhards, inners, wallflowers’

The plant as refuge. In the photographic work of Francine Claassen, greenery is sometimes the place to hide and withdraw from the human world. A woman finds something to hold on to with a houseplant. The scene takes place behind the net curtain.

Claassen’s work is about authenticity, indomitable inner forces, and the struggle to remain yourself in a world that constantly pushes and pulls and presses on points of pain. Nature sometimes offers solace, a place to hide.

In her collages, staged photography, installations and sculptural acts there are certain layers that together form a story. What she makes is temporary and fragmentary. She alters existing images. A collage can be created impulsively, sometimes even in 1 minute. She wants to keep that freedom.

All her work seems to refer to an endless and obstacle strewn human quest of blowhards, inners, wallflowers and callers for escape, freedom and happiness. Sometimes nature lends a hand.