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Menno Hiele

‘natural process, everyday material’

When you put the artificial and nature together you get positives and negatives. At least, that can be a view. In the work of Menno Hiele this is not relevant, this work does not judge this connection. The work shows us something else; it brings back natural processes in everyday materials.

In the work of Menno Hiele natural, but normally invisible processes of plants become visible. Sometimes he uses them to bring everyday objects back to life, as in the case of a wooden bench that fans out into a tree. Armed with the technology of sensors and motors, he allows his work to grow and flourish.

In Steck you can see an image that arose from an ingenious work process. On the computer Menno processes photos of tree bark into a 3d model. Then he digitally adjusts the height and depth. He then divides the resulting structure into digital slices. After milling them into material, he finally reassembles the whole.